Chemical Recycling – The Future of Recycling

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JB rPET Industries Pvt Ltd is a Bottle Waste Recycling company. We manufacture Premium Quality Recycled Polyester Granules (rPET Chips) through the Proprietary Chemical Recycling process – RENAYA TECHNOLOGY Our company is part of esteemed Jay Bharat Group (Surat). JB Group has a legacy of more than 35 years in the textile industry. We are a leading Textile Value Chain company with a focus on providing exclusive services to our clients and customers.
We recycle 5 million bottles of post-consumer waste PET bottles every day, which would otherwise go into landfills or ocean beds. We recycle this waste bottles into valuable Polyester granules which will then be used in making filament yarn, bottles manufacturing, BOPET film manufacturing, PET sheet manufacturing etc. Our manufacturing process is unique and innovative. After years of research & experience we have developed a chemical recycling process i.e Advanced Renaya Technology. This technology exclusive to the Group. The rPET Granules manufactured via the chemical recycling process are almost as good as virgin grade granules in terms of quality & technical parameters. We are a strong believer of circular economy and we aim to reduce the stress on precious natural resources so that we can live sustainably and preserve the resources of Mother Earth for future generations.

Renaya Process

So how is this magic happens? Partnering up with local ragpickers & scrap traders, we pick out plastic bottles, we compress and stack the bottles into bales. The bottles bales are easy for transport and reduces the transport cost.The production process mentioned below is controlled and monitored at each level so that maximum output is achieved with minimum usage of energy. Our aim is to make the process economical as well as sustainable.

Procuring post-consumer waste PET Bottles

We purchase waste PET bottles from scrap traders and dealers.

Conversion of PET bottled into PET flakes

The bottles are sorted and crushed with in house installed PET washing line, and the output is hot washed PET flakes.

Depolymerization process via Renaya Technology

The PET flakes are melted and depolymerized using in-house developed chemical recycling technology. The resultant product is Monomers / Oligomers

Re-Polymerization process & Chips formation

The depolymerized melt is processed in CP Plant to form a polymer. Then, the melt is pelletized to form rPET granules.

By following this method of procuring & chemical recycling, we are creating an impact of more than 5 million plastic bottles every day to create a valuable product fit for the demand!

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Renaya as a Technology

Through years of research and development, we now know the core nature of PET polymer and with a spirit of creating a circular economy, we have curated a technology that will enable chemical recycling of PET waste in the most purified and effective manner.

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Renaya as a Product

Our unique production process results in premium quality polyester granules. Renaya rPET granules will be at par with virgin grade granules in terms of producing micro denier filament & dyeing guarantee. Therefore, all varieties of POY / DTY / FDY can be manufactured via Renaya Polyester Granules.

We have formulated an in-house chemical recycling technology. The process involves depolymerization of PET flakes under controlled parameters. Our USP is to remove contamination sizing upto 3 microns through a unique process. This process leads to purified monomers free from all impurities.

Our Products

Recycled Polyester Granules (rPET):

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Recycled PET Flakes (Clear):

Food grade PET flakes with less than 25ppm total contamination

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This consumption-based economy has huge impact on environment due to littering and depletion of natural resources. The plastic waste generated goes into landfills & ocean beds and highly impact the natural habitats & biodiversity of the ocean & land ecosystem. These wastes are key factors on global warming & extinction of bio diversity. The natural resources used for manufacturing such single use items are highly valuable so recovering the value of those natural resources is necessary. As natural resources are limited and consumption is increasing daily it is evident that one day, these natural resources will become such scarce that extraction would be highly cost intensive which would make the products non affordable. Therefore, recycling is the need of an hour.

One solution is to recycle such waste to recover the value and manufacture a high-quality product so that it fulfils the demand of consumers. Our solution is to reduce environmental and economic impacts correlated with the accumulation of plastic is closed-loop recycling, wherein plastic material is reprocessed to manufacture new products. The post-consumer waste PET bottles are procured from open market, then these bottles are recycled to form recycled PET granules. These granules are then sold to yarn manufacturers for manufacturing of different types of yarn like POY, FDY, DTY etc. These yarns then enter into the textile value chain for further product development.

Many Tier 1 brands like Adidas, Nike, Decathlon, Zara, H&M, etc. are demanding good quality recycled yarns to manufacture their apparels, Currently, These good quality recycled yarns can be produced by chemically recycled chips only. So, there is already huge demand for premium quality rPET granules.